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Product: Gr 1 FAL FAT Term 4

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[1]Listening and Speaking

Discuss the following picture.   What are the children doing?

[1]  Use Power Point presentation to discuss this playground scene.  Using words such as – walking, running, eating, etc.


Demonstrates understanding of some basic oral vocabulary by pointing to objects in a picture.


2a) Reading and phonics 

Recognises plurals (‘s’ and ‘es’) aurally, for example, dog/dogs, cat/cats, cow/cows, goat/goats


b)  Reading and phonics - Recognising beginning sounds 


c)  Reading and phonics - Claps out the syllables in familiar words, for example, but-ter-fly.



a)  Draw a picture and write a caption.  


b)  Teacher read each sentence and the learner underline the correct word in the brackets.


c)  Writes a simple list with a heading.

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Gr 1 FAL FAT Term 4 
R 15.00
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1 Afrikaanse werkboek/begripstoets/leesboek

1 Wiskunde werkboek

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