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Product: Workbook: T1 Gr 3 My family and I at home

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48 Pages workbook: (My family and I at home.)

1)  Build oral vocabulary (Listening and speaking)

2)  Understand stories, sequencing - matching captions

3)  Makes requests

4)  Understand a variety of question forms

5)  Follow instructions

6)  Describes a process (Making tea)

7)  Understands and uses present and past tense.

8)  Understands and uses some adjectives

9)  Understand personal pronouns

10)  Uses some adverbs

11)  Consonant digraphs (wh, sh, ch, th,)  

12)  Consonant digraphs sh, ch end of words

13)  oo as in hook     oo as in school

14)  Writes individual words

15)  Writes sentences using a frame

16)  Capital letters and full stops

17)  Talks about a picture

18) Reads with the teacher


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Workbook: T1 Gr 3 My family and I at home  
R 25.00
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